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Author Topic: One website, everything ESL - Dave's ESL Cafe  (Read 6505 times)

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One website, everything ESL - Dave's ESL Cafe
« on: January 11, 2017, 05:25:25 AM »
Eslcafe seems to have something for everyone involved in the ESL and EFL field, including a large offering of resources, and content for teachers and students. In addition, the site has a large recruiting area that is helpful to teachers looking for jobs and travel opportunities in just about any location around the world.

The site provides some free resources and content for students to choose from in order to help them practice English skills in all areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is also helpful to young students because it is an easily navigable site. The layout is colorful and inviting for people of all ages.

Content for students include, a page on common idioms in the English language, a section on verb phrases, and slang phrases. The content is presented in lists and is not interactive. One extremely helpful resource for students is a forum/help center where students can post questions and receive answers from teachers.

There is also a large section of practice quizzes (interactive) in various English content areas.  For teachers, there is a monstrous amount of resources, content and job boards, as well as professional development ideas for improving teaching.  F[/size]or content, there is a cornucopia of Games and Grammar activities for free, ESL food recipes and ideas, along with instructions for groups activities, holidays themes, icebreakers and listening activities.

In addition, there are resources/ideas for using music in the classroom, as well as reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary lessons. Each link contains dozens of sub-headings with content areas that are useful for the English-learning classroom. Another resource for teachers is the job center. Teachers can post a resume and look through job postings for ESL positions in local and international regions.  Educators can find valuable resources for their own professional development, including, tips for classroom discipline and ideas for improving teaching. Finally, teachers have full use of an educators’ forum to meet and discuss topics.

Eslcafe also has an area for recruiters, who can view resumes and post ads for national and international jobs in the TESL/TEFL arena for a fee.
The usability of eslcafe is pretty simple and helpful. There are permanent links on the left side of the page that allow navigation to various content areas with the ability to quickly traverse to other sections and the home page with a click of a button, rather than having to use the back button.

  However, when going into forum and recruiting pages, one must use the back button in order to return to the original page.
How to Join:  There does not appear to be a membership fee involved for teachers or students.  There is a fee charged to recruiters for listing jobs on the employment page at a cost of $75.00 per ad. Other: One thing that was surprising about the site was a link in the student area that led to an “online writing center” where ready-made essays could be downloaded or custom ordered for a fee.
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